Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebration Saturday

WOOF! Hey dogs and cats, it's me, Rosemary. We're celebrating the weekend, and thought we'd pose for some photos in between helping the humans dig up the beds for planting. Yes, it's one of the few weekends we're allowed to dig in some really great smelling, soft, dark dirt. Then while the humans are otherwise occupied, we even snuzzle in it and lay down.

Here we are with the fake flowers while we're waiting for our flowers to grow. Whimpo Lola wouldn't pose unless she got to be with her Mommy. What a Momma's girl! Gheez. Hope y'all are celebrating Spring, Easter or just the weekend.

Woooo Woooo Woof!

Rosemary, aka, Bat Girl


The Army of Four said...

Lola - you look like you're in one of my favorite poses - on top of MOM! Wooooooo!
Great pictures - and as per the garden help... I can dig it! (Sorry... Ammy made me woo that!)

Pippa said...

Lola does look very pretty.

And she barked such nice things on my blog.

The weather looks good there. None of that yuk snow.

Pippa xx

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Looks like a luau in LolaLand!

As for the hippity hopping down the bunny trail...well, the silly thing just had some kind of ethereal grin on its face!

I'll look for the REAL thing on my next walk!!

Thanks for hopping by to khomment!


Holly said...

You have dirt in your bed?!?! Wow, all I have in my bed are blankets! Not sure I would like the dirt in my bed, but the flowers would be nice. You all look very pretty with your flowers around your necks!


Kapp pack said...

Hoppy Bunny Day!

Puppy Slurps, Canyon