Thursday, May 8, 2008

Questions for humans

Hey pups and kits. It's me, Rosemary, aka Bat Girl coming at you with a few questions that have been on our mind here at the Forget Sit and Stay Gang. Here I am with Journey (I think he's very handsome). Now please help us answer the following?

1. What is this lottery about which the humans speak?
2. Why do humans say things like "move" and "sit" together?
3. Why do humans think we want to wear clothes?
4. Do they really think we hear them when we're chasing squirrels?
5. Why don't humans appreciate our big sloppy kisses?
6. How come they accompany us when we go to the bathroom, but don't want us joining them?
7. Why do they bother with those little plastic containers when they could just pass the food down to us and save the trouble of storing and washing another dish?

If you've got the answers, we'd love to hear from you. Below is another friend we met at the park. She was recently rescued from an Operation Kindness rescue. She's checking out Lola. I hope your weekend turns out to be a blast.

Woo Woo Woof

Bat Girl


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

WOOOO so speak the truth!

Thanks fur visiting!!

I'm very khwikhk to make sure she doesn't need my help!!!


PeeEssWoo: ahhhh shukhks!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Rosemary, those are excellent questions. From what I gather, the lottery is something that humans want very badly. It must be like the treat to end all treats. Mom did tell me once that if she won the lottery, she would take me to Petsmart and we could walk down the treat aisle and every treat I sniffed, she would buy it for me. So I have my paws crossed she wins the mysterious lottery.

I also wish they would let me eat the leftovers. Although Mom has gotten pretty lazy about picking up food when she drops it. I got to taste some peas the other day. Yum!


The Army of Four said...

CUTE pix, Rosemary! Let me try my paw at the questions:
1. I've heard Dad refer to it as throwing your money down the drain. Since he just put drain-o down ours, I wonder if they're planning on trying it?
2. Because humans make no sense at times.
3. You need to train them NOT to think so. Our brother like to wear bandanas and Zim the occasional hat, but they don't dare try that on me and Ammy. Oh, the looks we give them!
4. If they do, they don't know about the secret ear flap that closes up when we spot squirrels, bunnies, or anything else that catches our interest.
5. Our mom and dad do, so I can't answer that one. We aren't sloppy, though. We're very delicate with our smoochies.
6. I wonder about that, too. I frequently follow mine in that little room.
7. I think it's ... no ... it's ... no ... I have no idea. You've got me on that one!
Tail wags,


I wish I knew all the answers to your questions too but what can ya do...ya gotta love em.

Just stopped by to wish your Mommy a Happy mother's day.

The Mommyu has been a little said today beciase my brotehrs aren't here with her today but she still has me.

Love Mona

Kapp pack said...

I still haven't figured out why mom doesn't like when I join her in the bathroom.

Puppy slurps, Canyon