Sunday, February 3, 2008

Feels more like Spring

Hey there bloggers! Journey here. Sorry we haven't written sooner, but we've been too exhausted to type. We have been reading about all the great snow y'all are having. But down here in Texas it's been warm enough for the humans to spend tons of time with us outside. You know, they are kind of weather weenies! So, we've been taking advantage of the weather.
Here I am playing my favorite game.

See me pass right by Rosie to show off my great tire. If you don't have one, you really need to get one. I love chasing it, but tugging is lots of fun too. Check out the yard. Mom says she's embarrassed by the patchwork grass, but we love it. It keeps us from tracking in too much mud, which helps keep us out of trouble. Oh yea. The bag is from rose clippings! you should have seen Mom's hand after cutting the roses back!
We went to the park this morning, and I hear before the SuperBowl Dad is going to take us on another adventure.

Mom read us an email about 10 more huskies that were rescued, but are in boarding awaiting foster homes and permanent homes. We usually have one here, but given Lola's health issues, the doctors advised us to give her a break. So we're spreading the word about the need for more folks to foster pets today!

Our last foster was tons of fun. She ran us ragged. So, as usual, the more folks you can persuade to foster for your rescue group, the better. It's fun for the group, and a great way to save a dog. Plus you get to extend your family. We've met so many good friends! Here's Rav'n Maven who's now living with a great family a little north of here.
Rav'n had tons of attitude, but was a great playmate. We've been following some blogs of other rescue folks around the country. The stories are awesome. Giant Kudos to all of you out there who open your homes, cars, pocket books and hearts to help all of us find forever homes.

Well, we're off to nap until our next romp around the neighborhood. Have a great SuperBowl Sunday!

Journey, Rosemary, Heidi, Lola and Witty

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Ferndoggle said...

Hi Guys! I'm a Lola too!! You have such a nice clan. Stop by & say Hello sometime.

Lola (Sherman and Penny too)