Friday, January 18, 2008

Who is the most spoiled?

Heidi reports that there is a contest that started a few decades ago between Alex (Auntie Mary's dog that died several years ago) and Bogey (Mom's first Lhasa who lived to the spry age of 20). Our packs have been vying to see who can get their humans to spoil them the most. We'll report in from time to time on this contest. Auntie Mary's dogs haven't joined the blogging universe, but they are quite bright and a little sassy. Their names are Monster and Bella.
See below.
Auntie Mary helps Mom with the store, but Auntie Mary is probably our largest customer. That doesn't even begin to tell the story, though. Auntie Mary is a phenomenal cook, and she cooks all kinds of delectables for her pack. And when she's not cooking, there's always Fajita Friday.

Mom does cook for us too. In fact we just finished our homemade chicken broth with chicken and carrots as our late night snack. Yummy. But, we have to admit, the variety is much less over here. Auntie Mary is a gourmet. Mom's meals are tasty, but not nearly as exotic. Of course Mom and Dad are really great about taking us for long walks, car rides and opening up the yard for play dates. And Mom will almost always run around with us and wrestle. So, neither side ever pulls too far ahead in the contest.

Perhaps now is a good time to let you know what the level of competition is. Every morning before work, Mom gets up and makes us scrambled eggs or French toast with fresh Challah from Whole Foods. Mom enlists the help of Auntie Mame to purchase several chickens a week from Costco to supplement our food. We get special peanut butter cookies every afternoon, and I eat a whole host of fresh fruits and vegetables that Mom chops up every day. Here's me snacking on cucumbers and organic whole wheat crackers.
Yes, some people roll their eyes, but the whole cooking thing really took on a new level when the humans started nursing me back to health (we'll save most of that for another day). The problem is that I have a whole web of portosystemic shunts which probably developed as a result of someone beating me when I was a pup. When Mom got me I was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia, and it's been over a year of fun. Mostly I am just stubborn and love to have fun, so I have learned to use this as a way to get more spoiled. But please don't tell Mom.

So, make sure you share your things you demand from your humans, and better still, tell us how you get them to give you what you want! We're always looking for new ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Cute works for us most of the time. Sometimes when Dad is eating a banana (my favorite), I sit in front of him and stare. I usually sit at attention like a soldier. They always make me sit before I get anything, so I figure if I sit really great then he will give me a little banana.