Sunday, February 10, 2008

Help for Horses

As a pack of rescue pups, we spend our lives trying to spread the word about animal rescue. Today we want to let you know about a gal who rescues horses from slaughter. Horse rescue has huge costs associated with it, and the long term commitment to taking care of one of these beautiful creatures is very significant.

Today we're spotlighting a group in Pennsylvania, Angel Acres Horse Rescue.
Each year this gal rescues and places 40 horses from slaughter. She rehabilitates these beautiful thoroughbreds and finds wonderful, loving homes. The story of horse slaughter is most similar to the problem with retired greyhounds. It is a disgusting, but not well publicized problem in the U.S. People get tired of taking care of these animals, and send them off to slaughter. The conditions along the way are not pretty, and many of these animals are absolutely fabulous adoption candidates.

If you are so inclined, take a gander and please help spread the word. The site has some beautiful kids with great success stories on it. Thank goodness for folks like Jo at Angel Acres!

We are honored by your hard work and dedication, Jo.

Instead of wagging our tails today, we're flicking them in your honor.

Happy Trails!

The Forget Sit & Stay Gang

1 comment:

Holly said...

Mom and I think that horse slaughter is the most horrid thing! She is always signing online petitions to STOP the slaughter. Makes her sick!

What a wonderful group of people to help that way!! Wish there were more!