Friday, February 8, 2008

Words are just words

woof! Heidi here. You'll know me by the little woof. I have to tell you that Mom has a sick fascination with words. Today she pulled out a dusty old book (that's right not looking something up on the internet), and wanted to see what the Thesaurus listed as synonyms for "woo". You'll recall that I am not part of the husky group in our house, so I didn't see the point. Then, mom started smiling... Woo: to court or to solicit. Hmmmm. She said that seemed appropriate for our own little diva, Lola.

Enough of that. Now you get to suffer along with us through Mom's very odd sense of humor. Dad is pretty good about tuning her out. We'll try to give you tips later. Tonight I am writing to you about my own abuse. The mean, mean, mean humans decided I needed a bath. Now we may not be cold like y'all, but it's too cold for dog dips. To add insult to injury, Dad decided to take pictures of me in my misery.

Yes, I get a bath in the sink. Dad still thinks that's funny.

I will find a way to get even with you tonight when you're asleep.

Just put me down already!

Well, I did make it through the bath without drowning, but I swear I'm developing peeneumonia. Three guesses as to how I plan to get even tonight.

I sure hope y'all found better ways to spend Friday night.

Lhasa Luv,


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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Baths are the absolute worst! We get ours in the shower and Mom or Dad is in the shower with us and then the other one sits outside the shower holding the door shut. I don't understand why they want to torture us like that!