Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New friends

Oh no not another dog! Witty Kitty here. A cool family on our block just adopted a seven year old female named Lady Bug from Legacy Boxer Rescue. They are such a great group. Unfortunately, the family recently lost their awesome gal to old age. Kazany was understandably distraught. Now Lady Bug has found a new home, and Kazany is once again resting just fine. Here they are in the window together. If you look really closely you can see their Mom. Sorry about the quality of the pics, Mom used the excuse that she had to run back to the house to get a few roasted chickens off the counter before our pack decided to counter cruise.

Lola and Rosemary think the adoption is pretty awesome, but I hear boxers aren't necessarily cat friendly. So, I'm keeping my distance.

We're very rescue friendly around here. A foster for Adopt a Husky of Dallas lives a few doors down from us. Of course those huskies seem a bit too interested in me. I'm glad I have my posse to accompany me on my strolls. And also on this block is a cool little Sheltie that was rescued about a year ago.

The weather is once again balmy. Great for cat naps in the sun. There is a nasty rumor that we're getting cold again tonight. I'm off to catch a warm nap before that cold stuff comes our way.


Witty Kitty


The Army of Four said...

Hey guys! Thanx for the comments on our blog! Ammy is more into looking for bunnies (and anything else!) in the snow - she loves pushing her snooter around and finding things! Me? I'm more into making cool snow forts!
Play bows,

Kapp pack said...

It's always nice to hear how people are involved in helping dogs in need. We would be really interested in meeting those huskies.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann