Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We just like to have fun.

Let's face it, dogs (and cats) are just fun!

Last night was steak night. Yippee! But after a great dinner (no photos included because the humans are way too slow with the camera when there's food to be had), Mom sat down at the computer and started grumbling. We're not sure what the problem was, but it involved sales tax, income tax, 1099, w-2's, inventory, and stock market. Mom just doesn't get the whole fun thing sometimes.

We sent in Lola to slam shut Mom's keyboard tray. After all, Lola is convinced no one can resist her mug. And just in case someone thinks they can, she yelps in their ear to accent her irresistable nature.
Witty joined the show by promptly jumping on the desk. And just as Mom decided to lighten up and grab the camera, the chase was on. Lola just has to keep Witty Kitty occupied. And we know you don't know our parents, but "agile" and "cat-like" don't really fit them, but they are kind of lovable.

After a round or two of chasing toys and wrestling, we all settled in to peruse some of your great blogs. Dad joined us too. Thanks for sharing. Y'all have some really cool stuff! Journey took a particular interest in some dinosaur toys. Instead, Mom was thinking he needed some talking roses for Valentine's Day.

Oooooh. Not that icky love stuff. We seriously reject! Well, all right Heidi and Lola think they're cute, but Journey (a.k.a. Sluggo) promises to watch Rosemary bury them in the backyard. Yea, don't think Sluggo is going to bury them himself. That's actual effort!

Well, the humans are calling. We ignored the first three calls (we don't want to appear too anxious). Y'all have an awesome day.

Heidi, Journey, Rosemary, Lola and Witty

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Jennifer Rae Atkins said...

Hiya, pups and kit! My dogs Marty and Minnie suggest that you TEAR THOSE ROSES APART. Just rip into 'em. You can shake 'em and toss 'em into the air, too, but the important thing is RIP THEM UP!